Dog Apparel

Dedicated to making the most beautiful, high quality pet accessories in the world, discover our exclusive collection of handmade garments.We feature hand-knit sweaters made in the Netherlands by award-winning and highly skilled craftswomen. Each garment is finely detailed with Swarovski crystal beads, individually hand-sewn, to give scintillating texture and radiance to luxury yarns.

For exceptional style and sophistication, the magical sparkle of Swarovski Crystal Glaze brings an unprecedented galaxy of colour to our special occassion Elizabethan coat, created by millions of tiny crystals.

Alcantara luxury Italian micofibre is reknown for its fine, soft suede finish and machine-washable practicality. We utilize this fantastic material to create jackets embellished with Swarovski crystal that bring an instant charm and added glamour to all small dogs.

Discover a whole new world of beauty.

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